Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mike and Kelly Jo ~ Wedding 2010

Kelly Jo and Mike (aka Tarzan) had to be the craziest couple I’ve ever shot…and I mean that in a good way! They are performers, models and acrobats! Yes, I said acrobats. The same goes for almost all their wedding party. Posing them was so easy and soooo much fun. You’ll see some crazy shots below and now that I’ve explained their careers they’ll make perfect since. I hope you enjoy this gorgeous couple! While at their reception I felt like I was at a show for Dancing with the Stars. I’d say a majority of their guests were also performers. I'd stand there watching them dance and forget I had to shoot! I was on my toes all night! What a fun wedding to be part of!

Take a peak at what I think is the best bouquet toss picture ever (notice the flower girl in the lower right side of the picture).